Huion Graphics Tablet Contributing Tutorials: Beauty in the Mirror· Sweet Dream Stuck in the Palace

Hardware: Photoshop CS5 & Huion Tablet

This is the final effect.


Picture 1: Turn on PS and create an A4 size canvas with the resolution of 300dpi. And then create a layer on the top of the canvas to draw a draft which should be spreaded with bottom color.                         


Picture2: Create a layer and fill the bottom color roughly. At the same time, reduce the opacity of the line draft layer.


Picture 3: The next step is to draw pane with the usage of rectangle tool. Firstly, you need to select the bottom color of the window. And then execute the command of “Edit—Fill” and you can finish one rectangle with filled color. To draw a complete pane, it is necessary to draw a rectangle again inside the previous rectangle via the rectangle tool and then execute “Edit—Clear”.


Picture 4: This is the complete effect of pane.


Picture 5: The following part is to refine the character’s face in the mirror. Due to the character is the queen, thus the feature and behavior are totally different from a young girl. Instead, the queen has the feature of calm and mature. In order to show her character, it will be much better to raise the end part of her eyebrow properly.


Picture 6: Fill the qitou (a popular hairstyle in Qing dynasty) with dark color rather than ater to be harmonious with the color of the hair in the forehead.


Picture 7: Further to add some headwear. To go with the character’s status, the headwear should mainly be gold and sometimes jade is fine.


Picture 8: This is the complete effect of qitou part.


Picture 9: This part is to draw dragon texture on the clothes. Start with drawing a draft and then paint the bottom color. It will be helpful to refer to various textures of the queen’s clothes in Qing dynasty.


Picture 10: Refine the character’s clothes before the mirror. In Qing dynasty, the color of green, green jade and cyan are regarded as low-down color. Since the character before the mirror is a maid in the palace who has low status, thus the color of her clothes should be light green to fit her role.


Picture 11: Add three-dimension texture to the mirror.


Picture 12: The peony on the top is selected to decorate the whole picture. Reduce the opacity of the peony is ok.


Picture 13: Change the visibility of the layer where the window stays.


Picture 14: Add some texture in the picture so that it can look more beautiful.


Hope this course will be helpful.

                                                          Contributed by HUION