Easter Sale for GT-220 and GT-190 On Amazon.ca(3.27~4.5)



Promotion Details:

From 3/27~4/5, every purchase of GT-220 can enjoy Free Shipping and get Black Glove x 1, Screen Protector x 1, Battery Pen x 1 and 10 Replacement Nibs. Total gifts value=90.96 USD


Every purchase of GT-190 can enjoy Free Shipping and get Black Glove x 1, Battery Pen x 1 and 10 Replacement Nibs. Total gifts value=45.96



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Promotion on Huion Newegg for Easter


There is a promotion in Huion Newegg store during March 26 to April 6. H610Pro, H610,1060Pro, 580, H58L, 680s ,L4S and A3 are on promotion. 

H610Pro:  $76.99 +free shipping


1060Pro:  $86.99 +free shipping+gift accessory kit


H610:   $59.99+free shipping+gift accessory kit


580:  $46.99+free shipping+pen nibs 

H58L: $52.99 + free shipping

680S:  $39.99 + free shipping 

L4S: $45.99 + free shipping


A3: $94.99 + free shipping


Huion Graphics Tablet Contributing Tutorials: Mo Lan

Huion Graphics

Software: PS   

This is
the final effect.

1: Sketch the outlines on the paper.

2: Turn on PS and create an A4 size canvas with the resolution of 300dpi.
Scanning the draft into the computer and then reduce the opacity. Create a new
layer on the canvas to sketch the lines and then create a background layer on
it which used to spread the base color. It is necessary to reduce the opacity of
layers for the overall effect.

Picture 3:
This part is to refine the character’s face. Add highlights on the face to make
the face looks stereoscopic. Then add green and blue color in her eyes and add
highlights appropriately to make the eyes radiant.

4: This step is to brighten skin and change tone of the hair. And then add hair
accessory light Epiphyllum and peacock feather. Since it is in primary stage
and we need refine this part later.

Picture 5: Brightening
the shoulder of the character and choosing soft edge brush with low opacity to
add highlights and shadow. The background is soft light created by fog brush.

6: This step is to highlight the epiphyllum. First adjust the brush attributes
and choose linear dodge. Open brush set and choose parti-color and drop down
the opacity to draw texture with highlights.

7: Merge all layers where character skin stay and then open “Color Balance” to
adjust the skin color. I choose light pink which will makes the skin looks fair
and pinky. Further refine the peacock feather and make it more real and

8: Add paillettes around the eyes and on shoulder. Set the brush attributes as
spread and it can draw many dots. This is the effect of the paillettes.

Picture 9:
Create layer on the top and choose blending mode to “Overlay”. Choose blue and
green with straw and spread the color around the character to enrich the
overall color.

10: And the following step is to add silk follower on the left shoulder and the
spot part is created by splatter brush.

11: Add more spot around the character to create the fance atmosphere.

12: In the end, merge all layers and then use “Color Balance” to adjust the
tone of the picture.

Hope this
course will be helpful.

                                                                                      Contributed by HUION

Huion H610 Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet 233PRS 5080LPI 2048 Pen Pressure Compatible with Windows Mac: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories


Huion H610 Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet 233PRS 5080LPI 2048 Pen Pressure Compatible with Windows Mac: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

How to turn on L4S using battery power

Thank you for your contact.

Kindly tell you that L4S light box only can be used by plugging it to your computer via a USB cable or wall charger. 

If you are looking for a battery-powered light box, our LB4 light box does have this function. Please feel free to learn the details from the following link:


If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Promotion on Huion Qoo 10 Singapore


There is a one-week promotion (Mar 25- Mar 31) on Huion Qoo 10 SG store. Singapore customers can enjoy the lowest price for H610Pro, 580 black, L4S, GT-220. 

H610Pro   S$85.99


580:          S$59.99


L4S           S$56.99


GT-220     S$899


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