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3 great reasons why you should use a drawing tablet?

Digital art today is an arm of the art community that is growing day-by-day with some amazing art being created. There are many ways to produce digital art on your computer but for the most, a computer drawing tablet is needed. This piece of computer hardware is essential and apart from the computer and you’re software, is the next most important piece of hardware you will need.

Drawing tablets don’t always have to cost a fortune and there are many on the market that provide great functionality at great prices. Take a look at drawing tablet reviews which has a growing number of unbiased computer drawing tablet review. I personally have used the Adesso drawing tablet that is reviewed on the website for some of my own digital art.
General computer users would also benefit from a drawing tablet but lets first look at ‘what is a drawing tablet’

What is a drawing tablet?
In simple terms, the drawing tablet you use with your computer is a computer input device, nothing more, nothing less. This will sound like an over simple explanation but the drawing tablet really is nothing more.

It is usually flat, rectangular in shape and comes in various sizes to suit most users. Most are rigid as you would expect, but some are more flexible, while other more expensive high end systems have the screen built in. These computer drawing tablets are more the computer themselves allowing the artist / user to drawing and work directly onto the screen.

It will have a digital pen / stylus which when used with the drawing tablet creates the marks that appear on screen.

There are some versions of computer drawing tablets that are supplies with both a pen and a computer mouse, allowing the user to have the best of both worlds with regard inputting data into their computer.

Why use a drawing tablet?
This is a very good question and one I do get asked on a number of occasions and there are two good reasons below.

Increased functionality
Computers have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and the drawing tablet will help the computer user with increased functionality, speed and ease of use.

Many drawing tablets on the market today have a. Umber of areas called hot keys which can be programmed with different functions to aid in various aspects of computer use. For example, a hit key could be set up to switch to another piece of software or open your email. All done a very quickly via the hot key on the tablet, with having to navigate on screen.

Numerous hot keys can have a multitude of functions assigned to them, all on a personal preference of the computer user.

Freedom of use
The drawing tablet offers much more freedom than a conventional computer mouse, especially for the digital artist, who’s hand movements could be a lot more exaggerated than that of a conventional computer user.

The freedom when using a drawing tablet also come in the location you can use your tablet in conjunction with the computer. Wireless drawing tablets allow the user to be situated away from the main computer unit. Students and teachers could benefit from this

As a digital artist, the freedom of movement when using a drawing tablet is second to none, allowing you to work as you would with traditional materials.

More intuitive
Using the pen / stylus that comes with the drawing tablet is second nature to many as we use pens, pencils and art brushes in some part of our daily lives. The digital stylus is a nature progression from this and feel much intuitive when using it as an imputed device for your computer.

As a drawing tablet user I might be slightly biased but a drawing tablet will offer increased functionality and productivity for the general computer user, are more intuitive to use and are a must have piece of equipment for the digital artist.

They are also fun to use…

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