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Review: Huion Tablet and accessories

Review: Huion Tablet and accessories

I’ve used this graphics tablet on both of my laptops and my new PC and I can’t really fault it. The tablet is big enough to comfortably fit on my lap and to give me a good work surface. The pen is lightweight and doesn’t hurt your hand when using it for a long period.

The tablet has 12 buttons which you can customize and which I am still getting use to as well as led lights to let you know the status of the battery on both the pen and the tablet itself.

Although I said I can’t fault the tablet, the one tiny bit that annoys me is the USB receiver. It is about the size of an average USB stick and when I am working on my laptop it can be a bit of a pain. However now I have built my PC i just leave it in the back USB sockets.

Overall for a tablet that is  like a wacom but not a wacom, it is a brilliant buy!!

I was also provided with a glove and some extra nibs. The nibs are easy to remove in the pen and stay in place once clipped in. The glove provides a bit of a support to your hand and stops you from getting tablet burnt – a term which here mean a carpet burn but on a tablet.

The packaging itself 

The graphics tablet came in an amazon box and a Huion branded box. The Huion box has enough support and structure that if you wanted to you could keep the tablet in there. (Plus it smells really nice).

In the box you get:

1 Tablet charger

1 Pen charger

4 Nibs

1 Pen and Nib holder


and a cute note from Huion to say thanks for the  purchase.



If I needed to I would buy again.

More information about Huion Graphic Tablet:

Bec’ rating : 5/5


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