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Huion Job Come and join us!


Huion Job Come and join us! The task is you need to share the below news to your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, or copy it to any famous smartphone forum. After news shard, you need to  submit the link. We will review it and distribute the corresponding …

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Huion Halloween Deals and Giveaways


With Halloween right upon us, many of you are gearing up, choosing your costume and planning your parties. If you were to knock on Huion’s door,  we  would certainly pick “treat”. The same goes for our amazon online shop,  that celebrates for Halloween.   Trick or treat? AMAZON Huion Halloween …

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Digital art tutorial


I use Paint tool Krita (IT’S FREE) but you can use what ever program you wish~ First you start with a basic sketch, I prefer to use a pencil that works just how a normal pencil does. You can recolor it to blue or red if you prefer to help …

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Favorite Free Art Resources


Free Drawing Program: Medibang Paint has many features that Manga Studio does, though it’s not made by the same developers. It’s most closely related to FireAlpaca. MediBang also offers free online storage for your art, along with collaboration and the ability to sell digital manga in their online store.  Free Reference Management: Need somewhere …

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About Artistic improvement


Artistic improvement is… tricky to explain to people. You may find that there is a lot of advice out there, a lot of it is very dense, and some of it may appear contradictory. Ultimately, the vast majority of it is well meaning and true, but everyone learns differently, so …

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Advice to beginner artists


Advice to beginner artists Here’s an advice I saw my dear friend Jon Dunham gave to a struggling artist. I thought I absolutely must share: If you go out to find someone lost in the dark at night, you don’t go out immediately, but take a flashlight so that you …

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Get used to drawing tablets fast!


Drawing tablets can make your digital drawing life much easier but can be a strange beast to tame at the beginning mainly due to the fact that you have to draw while looking at the screen and not at the surface you are drawing on. This will feel awkward I …

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3 great reasons why you should use a drawing tablet?


Digital art today is an arm of the art community that is growing day-by-day with some amazing art being created. There are many ways to produce digital art on your computer but for the most, a computer drawing tablet is needed. This piece of computer hardware is essential and apart …

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