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Chance to Win the $139.99 INSPIROY G10T


Link to attend this activity: <#GIVEAWAY>Huion is offering a $139.99 drawing tablet to express our gratitude and love to our greatest fans. Thank your for trusting us all along. Now come and join our giveaway below, you’ll get a chance to win Huion super bonus! Don’t miss it! #GIVEAWAY #SHARE #LIKE #COMMENT#HUION #INSPIROY #G10T Prize: …

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The Huion G10T User Review


So Huion is back again, this time sending me a whole different beast of a tablet for review. Bringing a whole new approach to multi touch input to the table, as well as a massive leap forward in build quality, is the new Inspiroy G10T their best yet? Let’s find …

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Common Art question


1. Are you using the desktop software or mobile?  If it’s a mobile app, you have a limited canvas size anyway, so most of this is moot. Your maximum canvas size is 2048×2048 on most devices, which will just about let you print nicely at 8″x10″ (I’m assuming inches because …

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HUION GT-220 v2 – IPS Pen Display Review


Digital Tablet Review – HUION GT-220 v2 – IPS Pen Display Improved Performance – The 2nd generation of the GT-220 pen display has solved the problem of awaking from sleep mode, cursor offset, breaking lines; It optimized the overall linearity. Upgraded Firmware – Provides a more accurate and responsive cursor …

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Video demonstration of ‘messing around with watercolours until it looks like a fox’

Here’s a video demonstration of ‘messing around with watercolours until it looks like a fox’.  We used a few presets from for the lines and the blending. The most confusing and fun thing about the Watercolor Brush is how much it changes when you keep going over the same spots, layering, …

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Huion INSPIROY G10T Review


Introduction The Huion INSPIROY G10T is a graphics tablet by Huion that aims to give tablet users a reliable tablet with modern features at a reasonable price. Let’s see if these modern upgrades are necessary or if these new features do not justify the price of this tablet. Specifications Type: Pressure-sensitive Minimum …

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Huion 11-11 carnival offers big discounts


Huion 11-11 carnival offers big discounts Huion 11-11 carnival offers big discounts   Huion is holding a carnival on its official Amazon USA website where it is offering huge discount offers (10% off) on the biggest range of Huion products. It is called Huion 11-11 carnival, which kickstarted on November 11. …

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Huion 1060 plus(Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet) unboxing & review

Unboxing and a hands – on review of the Huion 1060 plus drawing tablet for digital artists, photo editors and graphic designers. We’re gonna see the box, connection and the feeling of the tablet,… More information about Huion Graphic Tablet: US Amazon: CA Amazon: UK Amazon: DE Amazon: …

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