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Graphic Tablet Tutorial

graphic tablet tutorial

How to fill a stencil with a gradient?

If you read the Gradient Fill tutorial, you might have noticed that the Gradient Fill doesn’t act like the Solid Fill tool, so you can’t just use it with a stencil normally. This quick video shows you how to use the Selection tool with your stencil to easily mask your canvas …

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NIKO THE NINJA – DIGITAL DRAWING After doing so much hand drawn animation, I decided to get out the graphics tablet and make a digital drawing of my character Niko. niko I used my Huion tablet on Photoshop and found a new plug-in called Lazy Nezumi, which helps me to …

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Get used to drawing tablets fast!


Drawing tablets can make your digital drawing life much easier but can be a strange beast to tame at the beginning mainly due to the fact that you have to draw while looking at the screen and not at the surface you are drawing on. This will feel awkward I …

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