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Common Art question


1. Are you using the desktop software or mobile?  If it’s a mobile app, you have a limited canvas size anyway, so most of this is moot. Your maximum canvas size is 2048×2048 on most devices, which will just about let you print nicely at 8″x10″ (I’m assuming inches because …

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Video demonstration of ‘messing around with watercolours until it looks like a fox’

Here’s a video demonstration of ‘messing around with watercolours until it looks like a fox’.  We used a few presets from for the lines and the blending. The most confusing and fun thing about the Watercolor Brush is how much it changes when you keep going over the same spots, layering, …

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Enlightened Pumpkin?


Enlightened Pumpkin? With Halloween around the corner, youtuber Photonicinduction decided to throw a 5000 watt lightbulb inside a hollowed out pumpkin to see what happens! Besides making a pumpkin look freakin awesome, the lamp inside the pumpkin heated up the insides so much that it created steam that bellowed out of it …

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Seeking Product Tester


Seeking Product Tester We are official Huion Tablet factory in Shenzhen, China ( We are now seeking online tester for our new product–Huion G10t. 『 Huion INSPIROY G10T  』 Innovative Touch Function With a 10-by-6.25 inch drawing area and a brand new multi-touch panel, you can zoom in and out …

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We are now seeking art bloggers


We are now seeking art bloggers hi, all artists here, We are now seeking blogs are related about art showcase, art books review, art products review, and 1000-2000+ traffic per day will be good for us. Our products are Graphic tablets.  We will pay for per blog you post. Contact …

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Huion INSPIROY G10T, Smartly Changes The Way You Draw


Huion INSPIROY G10T, Smartly Changes The Way You Draw Huion INSPIROY G10T Wireless Graphics Tablet smartly separates the areas for pen and multi-touch, prevents you from accidentally triggering a gesture with your palm while drawing.  You can use the Inspiroy G10T wirelessly and say goodbye to the messy cables. Plug …

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